up and running..

albeit slowly, the weather cooled down enough for me to actually sit through the making of monday's comic, as you can see, i'll plod through the remainder of the updates, i'll just haveta leave the air conditioner on as much as i'd dare, risking expensive power bills.

i might put forward a plan to have an extra update a week in return for donations.. i'll try and mesh things out..

in the meantime, sit back, and enjoy the show whilst i slowly roast..
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Decisions.. & local enviroment.

Okay, the cool thing about my computer, is that it does a good job at slowly heating up my room during the colder months, the bad thing is that during the summer months, it heats my room up something chronic, it's unusually humid 'round here this time of year, and it's making it rather uncomfortable to work on the comic, let alone do much else.

so i'm taking a week off due to weather conditions, and hope it's gonna cool down next week.. at least to a livable degree that i can get away without using an expensive air conditioner.

Onto the epic stuff, as some of you might be aware, i've been making this comic lead up to something rather large scale, so it's decided, that chapter six will be the final chapter for this "book" of foxfire, and "book 2" will start after that, it's still in the planning stages, however, in which i hope to work on this week.

i know a few of you would kill to read my notebooks with all the juicy details. ;)
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as you can see, i'm updating again, not sure how well i can for a while, the dust is still settling 'round here.

i'll see what i can do regardless, it feels good to be working again.
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bear with me..

it's a long story, but to cut it short, my grandmother went to hospital, and primary illness aside, came back worse than when she went. Nurses to blame for hurting her back.. needs a bit more attention than ever, i cut it mighty fine with the last update, so i'm going to go on a hiatus for a week to see if i can sort things out on my end.
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January Eight.

well, with renewed inspiration, and drive, foxfire's updates shall resume on 8th..

with a twist.. new update schedule's gonna be three days a week, still in full color and everything..

i've got some VERY special surprises on the way for you readers, hopefully it'll blow your minds. =]
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Christmassy stuff

sorry for the late posting, i got a little behind in things.

Here's the skinny, i won't be updating foxfire itself for a couple of weeks, but i WILL be working on other foxfire-related stuff in the meantime..

One of which will be getting the site up to full functionality, and removing any bugs i can find.
another will be a LOT of design work associated in the next direction i will take with the comic..

i can promise you, it'll be BIG..

also, i might try my hand at making the comic in a completely digital fashion, so you might see some experimentation there.

so, see you in two weeks
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Free Comic book day part 2.

okay folks, as i mentioned in my previous statement, i'm working on one or two pages for the comic genesis sampler for free comic book day. Honest person that i am, i'd like to be able to at least help pay as much as i want to assist in the production of a free comic (free for you guys, anything but for those producing it).

So here's the deal, you folks donate money to foxfire, i donate that to the sampler fund, and what you guys get in return after free comic book day ends, is, in your inbox, the page i made for FCBD, in FULL color..

minimum amount is a dollar if you want to support foxfire and help me pay my way for this, of course donations of more than 5 dollars will net you two free wallpapers in addition to the pages.

so there you go, then.

oh, and the money totals are in american amounts.
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Free comic book day.

well, some of you folks were asking me to make foxfire into a dead tree format comic.. well i'm not gonna do that, instead, for free comic book day next year, i'm gonna be running a separate storyline in whatever space i can grab..

anywho, i'll be putting up a separate donator button for the FCBD fund, soon. so you help support all your favorite comics, and don't forget to pick one up at may next year.
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That's a Wrap.

chapter four is done, and i'm going on my in-between chapter break to recoup, and to work on beginning chapter five, and refining the look of the comic, and characters.

see you in a couple of weeks.
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