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It's not the end, it's a new beginning.

Friday's comic will be the last of book one, and the last by me for a couple of months, depending on how many i get, you'll see a few guest comics pop up now and again during then.

The reasons are a few, i'll start with the primary reasons, for book 2 i need a heck of a lot of planning, to do this i need to take some time off the comic itself to work on it.
Also, i've been feeling a little burnt out, so i need to get my creative juices flowing again..

i don't want to go into this halfassed, to be honest, also i need to take the time to give the site a complete overhaul once more.

i'll give more details later on.. but it's gonna be a massive undertaking, let me assure you.

lots of behind the scenes stuff and all.

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