I'm baaack.

and trying my best to perform something resembling regular updating, things aren’t as hairy as before, thanks for all the support, folks.

also to note, i have a new(ish) site, still in the throes of being put together, have a look-see at http://www.ariannia.com and see what my somewhat disturbed mind has in store.

five hundred

$500, is pretty much the sum amount of bills i haveta pay off this month (well it's more, technically, but that's the general figure i think will get me "out of the woods" so to speak) to this end i'll be working on small commissions and avatars, i've been toying with the idea of a wallpaper war, but have no idea of the content or the 'contestants', feel free to discuss it on the forums, and here's the price list of the commissions & avatars, as always, donations are welcome..

Single Character, simple/no background $30-35

Avatars $5 each.

i'll put a counter up later or something, i'll see.

edit: Contact me at dawnspire at ariannia dot com for further details or somesuch.
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i'm afraid i can't do that, Luke

if some of you know me well enough, especially on my usual haunts online, or on my own LJ, you've might have heard about my continuing PC issues.

basically it goes like this, once upon a time, Turnsky wanted to play a nice round of world of warcraft on his PC, the PC, wanted to lock up, a brief battle ensued, and the PC eventually won its depraved fate, and denied me the use of a better chunk of my games, since now every time i want to run anything remotely 3d orientated, it either hard locks, bsod's or just plain restarts (computer geeks see 77, 7A and F4 errors).

and now, lately, it's started to creep into every day functioning of the system itself, photoshop included, now the recent delays weren't because of that.. there was personal reasons to that lot, mainly a bad case of artist's block.

anywho, i've started to get back into my groove (lo and behold, i've actually got one inked early for once!), and now, (i think my PC hates me) i get these problems with it locking up randomly with the same issues, the thing being, it's just so random, i don't know what happens to cause it, let alone how to stop it.

To that end, i figured it was time to save up some cash for a large wad of hardware..
more info: http://www.alternationstudios.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1708

what a way to kick 2008 off, don't you guys think? =p
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Technical Difficulties...

well, good news/bad news.

Bad news first, my scanner's dead, well, dead enough for me to need a replacement, and cash is several varieties of short right now, so if any folks wanna help me in covering the small cash hole purchasing a scanner ensues, every little bit helps. =]

for those whom wish to donate a slightly more signifigant amount, i'm also opening up commissions, PM me in the forums if you want details and such.

Good news is, before all this, i did manage to get foxfire's lineart scanned, so monday's comic will continue as usual.
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well folks, i'm gonna be taking a little hiatus, two reasons, Things have been far too hectic for me to properly concentrate on foxfire, and that i have an artistic backlog to work on, not just the two commissions owing that i wanna get out of the way..

i've also been toying with the idea of selling high res pages of each comic, or something along those lines.
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It's not the end, it's a new beginning.

Friday's comic will be the last of book one, and the last by me for a couple of months, depending on how many i get, you'll see a few guest comics pop up now and again during then.

The reasons are a few, i'll start with the primary reasons, for book 2 i need a heck of a lot of planning, to do this i need to take some time off the comic itself to work on it.
Also, i've been feeling a little burnt out, so i need to get my creative juices flowing again..

i don't want to go into this halfassed, to be honest, also i need to take the time to give the site a complete overhaul once more.

i'll give more details later on.. but it's gonna be a massive undertaking, let me assure you.

lots of behind the scenes stuff and all.
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